Daughter of our lovely Hettie and the very gorgeous Ozzie – Maguire of Sunny of Woodpath Gundogs, Nell is everything we hoped she would be.  Nell has grown up into a wonderful, athletic girl, and isn’t she is adorable!


A very loving girl, Nell is desperate to please, would go to the ends of the earth and back for you, such a sweet natured dog. She is used to other dogs, other bitches pups, sheep, chickens, cats and children.  With a true working drive, Nell is full of beans from dawn to dusk, she oozes happiness and really loves life. Oh, and she gives kisses all day, every day!

Nell is a small girl, very well put together, moves beautifully and will go over and under anything effortlessly.

We are very pleased with Nell and the enjoyment for life that she brings to our home.


An excellent brood bitch, Nell has produced some stunning puppies to our own gorgeous Tarquin, all of whom who have inherited their parents wonderful, loving temperaments.

KC/BVA Hips – 7:6

KC/BVA Elbows – 0

DNA Tested Clear – EIC

DNA Tested Clear –  CNM

DNA Tested Clear –  prcd-PRA

KC/BVA Current Clear Eye Certificate

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